Four Corners Native American Ministries

Four Corners Native American Ministries is located in Shiprock, New Mexico, on the Navajo reservation there. This partnership has proven to be a great opportunity for our young people to be conscious participants in outreach ministry. Each week during Children's Moment, our children collect pocket change ("noisy money") from the congregation. This money is used to go on a toy shopping outing, where our young people buy toys to send to the Four Corners children. They think about which toys would be the most fun to receive and in return this shopping experience really helps them to think of others.


Shiprock, New Mexiceo

"Noisy money" is gathered from the congregation and saved to purchase items for Four Corners NAM.


Gifts the young ones have purchased to be boxed up and shipped to the children of Four Corners.

Around the time that school starts each year we collect socks, underwear, and school supplies to send to the children of Four Corners.